Thursday, March 10, 2011

Closet rehab

I wish I could have a closet rehab! I go through phases of different things I'd like to spend money on. It pretty much switches daily between the cute pair of shoes I just saw at the store, to the dining room table I saw on an episode of House Hunters, to the pretty flowers I saw driving down the street. Lately it's been a little of everything (like I said, it changes daily and probably hourly) but right now as I sit here thinking that my grey cable knit sweater and black pants are dull I realize I want a wardrobe makeover. I'm not sure if it's that I really am into new clothes right now or if it's more of the fact that I'm looking forward to SPRING and cheery, warm weather clothing! I always get a little antsy towards the end of seasons and start looking forward to the change. But, back to clothes...I always think other people look cute and always see cute things in the store but just can't bring myself to ever spend money on clothes when I have perfectly find clothing to wear hanging in my closet. Shoes have been my weakness...I've been on a kick (ha, no pun intended) lately. Here's two pair that I've bought addition to a new pair of work shoes that I desperately needed. To my defense, I got one pair for a birthday gift and the other pair, well...they were on sale and go with everything and are "the new black", so I just had to have them :-)

Friday, March 4, 2011

Ahh...the weekend!

This picture pretty much captures what I'm planning to do every weekend until the next cold spell comes along. We've had this hammock since a wedding shower so long ago and have just never had a place to hang it! But, in our new house there is an absolutely perfect place and I think this is just what my weekends have been missing!

Speaking of the weekend, TGIF! Hmm...what happened to TGIF on ABC back in the day? I can't seem to find anything worth watching on a Friday night anymore and would love to watch some episodes of Full House, Step by Step and Family Matters!