Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Planning Curse

So, I believe that I may have cursed myself. Let me explain...I'm a little bit of a planner (probably more like an "over-planner"). I typically have a timeline set out and an idea of how it will all go down. It's pretty typical of the American Dream but, here it goes.....
  1. Graduate High School
  2. Go to College
  3. Fall in Love
  4. Graduate College
  5. Start Career
  6. Get Married
  7. Buy a House
  8. Have a Baby
wait, start over...there were a couple of bumps along the way.....the way it is really going down:
  1. Graduate High School
  2. Go to College
  3. Graduate College
  4. Start JOB
  5. Fall in Love with Hubby
  6. Get Married
  7. Buy a House
  8. Start CAREER
  9. Have a Baby...
So, obviously my expectations and plans have changed a little over the years when things didn't go my way. It's not that I have always had things happen according to planned, but...I've managed to at least accomplish (in some order) the other things on my "to-do" list/planner in life. My one outstanding item on the life plan...HAVE A BABY. Well, maybe not have a baby...I would also cuddle my adopted baby for life, but...let's just say the clock has started ticking. Not in an I'm-gonna-do-everything and pull-out-all-the-stops kinda way yet, but I think it's safe to say that the thoughts of starting our family run through my head more than they ever did two years ago. But, now that I've explained...

I've been secretly jealous of too many people on Facebook, I've looked at strollers on Babies R' Us one too many times, I've window shopped the Carter's store more than I should've, I've asked people what they're naming their baby in hopes that our names weren't spoken, I've admired too many random preggos in Target and I've pretended too many times that I'm just looking for something for my niece.

I think I may have cursed myself.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Worst. Blogger. Ever.

I think the title pretty much says it all and this entry isn't going to make it much better, but...I've been horrible at this blogging thing lately so I figured it was about time to spend 5 minutes typing out my thoughts.  I'm not sure if I've been so MIA because nothing significant has been happening or possibly because I just can't seem to find time in the day that I want to spend in front of a computer (outside of work).  I'd like to get back into blogging on a weekly basis (I think the daily urge has definitely worn off) because even though I say "nothing significant" is happening right now, life has been pretty eventful.  1.  We went on a trip to the Dominican Republic which was amazing!  2.  Jon got a big promotion ("congrats, hubby!!")  3.  The holidays are quickly approaching and we're hosting Thanksgiving at our house this year  4.  Along those same lines, Jason and Olga are getting married next month!!  5.  For that matter, everyone and their mom is getting married between now and next Spring, so...we're actually still busy and still maintaining a semi-eventful life.  So, why am I not blogging more?  Well, maybe it's a balance of every excuse.  Even though I have more to talk about... I have more going on.  So, when I have more time... it's because there's nothing to talk about.  Hmm...complex thoughts for sure.  Well, on that note...I got things to do.  Peace out!  

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Brain dump

My brain kinda hurts right now....but I have a few minutes and since I've been MIA for quite some time now I decided I needed to at least gather a few thoughts.  So, for those of you who are still goes my brain dump...

-Being sick stinks
-We need to be healthier all around
-I need to go to the grocery store because I'm actually tired of eating out
-I took for granted actually having a routine and independence at work
-I can't wait to actually know what I'm doing on a daily basis
-I love my new commute
-I love making a difference
-I will no longer use the saying, "I don't care what we have...I just want 10 fingers and 10 toes...." I mean, really? What if they don't?...these are things the new job make me think about
-I think I'm ready for a little Ray baby
-But, I LOVE my sleep
-I admit to thinking ahead to Thanksgiving AND Christmas even though there's Halloween, plenty of football, an anniversary trip and three weddings quickly approaching
-I love my hubby because he took care of me when I was sick and I can't believe we've almost been married for two years!
-The countdown is on...I can't wait for some QT with the hubs, some long overdue beach time, swim-up bar time, pampering, good food, relaxation and exotic vacay time!!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Am I dreaming?

Anyone who ever hears me complain just smack me, okay?  I think that sometimes we lose sight of just how good we have it.  I am coming to realize that more and hope that I can keep my complaining and wishing for more to a minimum in the future.  I think I've mentioned this before but Jon and I both have an issue of constantly looking for the "next best thing" which tends to make you forget what you already have right in front of you.  For instance, Jon and I both have great jobs (AND, mine just got better!!), a roof over our heads, actually..more than just a roof...our dream roof over our heads, great friends, amazing family, tons of love, tons of laughter, good health (well, according to me...Jon, well, that's a whole different story, *cough* hypochondriac*cough*), two hilariously cuddly pup babies, and just live a good life.  I shouldn't ever complain.  I found a quote one day while wasting way too much time browsing Pinterest.  I'm too lazy to type it out so I added the picture to the left.  But, we really are lucky and blessed.  Read it, it's great food for thought.

Now, to elaborate on my new J-O-B that I mentioned above.  I pretty much landed my dream job!  I never really knew what my dream job would entail or really even if there was such a thing or if it was possible to achieve once I figured it all out, but...looks like I'm getting some answers.  I've been muddling my way through life trying to figure out exactly what I should be when I grow up for quite some time now.  And, although somedays I think I could be perfectly happy NOT working at all ;-), I really know that wouldn't last long.  Unless there were kiddos involved and even then, I don't know if I'm a stay-at-home-mom type.  But, here it is.....drum roll....I am going to be a Wish Coordinator!  It pretty much rolls everything I've ever been interested in into one job!  Non-profit work, helping others, medicine, travel, organization, counseling, children, families, budgeting, AND it's all mine!  I'll start next month and am so excited!  It felt funny to switch jobs right now seeing as I only started here about 9 months ago, but this is MY job and I'm dancing-around-excited about it!  Well, I'm not really "that" type of excited someone once told me, "I'm not excitable" but I AM excited!  Will I be making the big bucks? No.  Will I be doing "easy" work?  No.  Will I be happy that I am able to bring even a little glimmer of happiness to these kids and families?  Yes.  That is all I need!  Stay tuned...maybe I'll be able to share a wish or two with you long as there aren't any privacy rules involved.          

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Where I'm From

I don't think it's a secret that I love most country music but sometimes certain songs I love more at any given moment.  I'll go through obsessive phases where I love a particular song and will play it all the time, like my recent choice of "Knee Deep" by Zac Brown Band (in my attempt to feel like I'm at the beach and not 6 hours away in a landlocked city).  But, I don't think it's always because it applies to me or speaks to me or anything but sometimes I just love the lyrics.  Other times I love the actual music.  "Where I'm From" is on my list for favorite lyrics right now and "Easy" by Rascal Flatts featuring Natasha Beddingfield I loooove right now too!  It doesn't hurt that I love Rascal Flatts (and am still secretly sad that I missed the Atlanta concert last week) but I also have loved Natasha's voice for a few years now...not always her music style, but definitely her voice.  Well, those are my thoughts as I'm sitting here listening to country music.  It really does make me happy and it's the only thing that got me through the ceiling painting and wall priming this week! 
"Where I'm From" -Jason Michael Carroll

On a three hour flight from Memphis to LA
I was silently celebrating my first class upgrade
Laughing at my jeans and my boots
Beside those high dollar shoes and Armani suits
When the gentleman next to me said the drinks up here are free
So if you'd like the first one can be on me
He said I'm headin back from business in New York and Rome
Tell me son, Where do you call home

I said I'm from the front pew of a wooden white church
The courthouse clock it still don't work
Where a man's word means everything
Where moms and dads were high school flings
Gave their children grandmothers maiden name
Yes it may not sound like much
But its where I'm from

So we drank that round and then another
There wasn't a topic in this world we did not cover
He said I headed out west when I was barely 19
Just a kid chasing my dreams
I said I'm flying out here to pick up my big brother
He's been fighting the cancer they discovered
But he called last night and said I think this is the end
So come take me home to my family and my friends
Where the quarterback dates the homecoming queen
The truck's a ford and the tractor's green
And Amazing Grace is what we sing
Well there's a county fair every fall
And your friends are there no matter when you call
Yeah It may not sound like much but it's
Where I'm from

And as we stood to claim the bags we checked
He said I'll pray for your brother and did I mention that
Italian suits haven't always been my style
See I was quarterback of my high school team
We took state back in '63
And my wife, she's still my homecoming queen

Cause I'm from the front pew of a wooden white church
A courthouse clock that still don't work
Where a man's word means everything
Where moms and dads were high school flings
Gave their children grandmothers maiden name
Yes it may not sound like much
I said it may not sound like much but it's where I'm from
it's where I'm from
Where I'm from

Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound......

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Bane of my existence

OMG! I never thought I would be over painting because I really do think it's therapeutic and offers instant gratification. However, I HATE PAINT. Well really, I hate primer.  Many of you are aware of the room-size mural that we acquired with our house.  I have let it be for the 7 months we've been in our house because quite frankly it was a great conversation piece and we didn't feel the need to change it until we had a reason (aka...preggo).  But, when we got my grandfather's bedroom set and had to shift furniture around we actually ended up putting a bed in the future nursery so I figured there was no reason to continue delaying the inevitable of painting over it.

Side note:  It's kind of a sad story.  The previous owner passed away at a much too early age leaving his 8 year old son behind.  Well, this room was hand painted by the boy's aunt for their "first born" and actually signed that way in a discreet corner (as I just found out).  The uncle who was responsible for getting the house ready to put on the market did many things including painting throughout but couldn't bring himself to paint over the mural (or maybe he just knew it'd be a pain in the a**!)

So, back to the's a royal pain in the A!  Not only is it painted on all 4 walls but they used dark colors like navy blue and red, along with glossy paint for the sea creatures, sponge paint AND they painted the ceiling (not to mention the switch plates-but those are easy to replace).  Well, it's definitely been a multiple day project.  I primed the walls one day, let it dry and yesterday I continued to prime with my second gallon of Kilz and put the first coat on the ceiling.  I have definitely had my fair share of splatters in my eyes along with a blister on my right hand and an intense upper body workout with this one.  I'm hoping to share "after" pictures soon but I've included a before for you.  I think since I've had to put so much effort into this project we're just going to go ahead and paint it a color too since primer doesn't look as pretty as I thought it would for the time being and I think I need the satisfaction of a pretty color, not an uneven primer white.

What do you think?  Light green?  Yellow?  Keep in mind that we didn't really want to paint because this will be the first room transformed into a nursery and we kind of assumed we would just paint it a pink or blue when the time came.  But, I need color gratification.  I'm leaning towards a pretty, light green.

(P.S. I corrected my spelling in the title...bain or bane...a French bath or life ruiner?)

Friday, July 29, 2011

Take two!

I feel like my blog is constantly filled with house stuff now but I guess that's kinda what my life is filled with and I love it so, I love to share! I've pretty much been going one room at a time and sprucing it up. It's basically started with painting each bedroom and then deciding to add a little coordinating decor(on a budget of course). Well, the first room tackled was the boring and blah white bedroom with a random twin bed thrown in the mix. This was basically our "extra" room. We knew we didn't want to spend any major money on the two extra rooms because down the road there will be fewer extra rooms as our family grows. So, the room started with a little blue paint thrown on the walls and a few fluffs added to the bed. I also later moved the vintage window into this room and Jon and I were quite happy with the results. So, on to the next room...our bedroom and the next, our actual guest bedroom. Voile! Done and done. But, we recently moved my grandmother to an assisted living home here in Atlanta and are working on moving her out of the house in Alabama so needless to say, there was a house full of furniture that needed a place to land. Perfect! We have a twin bed filler in one of our rooms and another one that's empty, so...we'll take it! We decided to move our twin set-up into the future baby room (the ocean room) since that will be the first room to be broken down in the future and we would set-up the antique furniture set in the blue room. Easy, right?...I've been dreaming of nice full-size furniture, fluffy white bedding and a pretty blue room for a while and now I've got it for a simple $50 duvet set. So I drove my happy butt over to Target to buy the bedding. I got it home, set it up and...hmm, disappointing. I'm not sure how I feel about it. So, now I'm re-thinking bedding and pretty much the entire look of the room. Do I want to keep the dreamy idea of an all white bed going and add some color to the curtains or to a rug? Do I try to really stick with the all white look like below and hope it grows on me? Do I change the bedding all together? Do I paint the room again? What to do, ahhh! I normally applaud myself on my visions and think that they usually turn out how I planned but, I think something is missing...

What do you think about these bedding options? Envision a four poster bed with matching dresser, chest and nightstand, all in a medium stain wood, slate blue walls and white curtains. What fits? What makes it look a little less traditional? Hmm....Jon likes the yellow idea...what do you think about that?

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Wishes and wants

Why is it that there is always a list of wants? Why can't we be content in the status quo? I wish that I didn't always think ahead to what I want. I wish that I had more patience and that wanting something and not getting it in my timing was okay. I wish that I had more faith in the whole, things happen for a reason and patience makes the heart grow fonder and, I'll throw one more cliche's all in God's timing. I'm not exactly throwing temper tantrums or anything too extreme but, Jon and I both have the problem of patience. Once we decide we want something we're bound and determined to make it happen. I think in some situations this is a good thing but it can definitely be a fault of ours as well. We have a way of always looking towards the future and the next best thing. One more cliche...we think the grass is always greener on the other side. :-) Well, I'm basically having my inner dialogue work its way into this blog entry but I'm putting it out there as a mental challenge to myself to stop thinking about dining room tables, built-in desks, babies, iPads, new computers, babies, new camera lenses and babies. It will all happen and I need all these things to escape my mind for a bit. Cause you know, (one last one) when you stop thinking about it it will happen and (I can't help myself) a watch pot won't boil.

So, here's my self challenge: Stop thinking and seize the day!

*Although my day could be a little brighter waking up to a cuddly baby, eating breakfast at a new dining room table followed by an afternoon of editing some precious newborn photos on a speedy new computer at my built-in desk nook

Just kidding....sorta.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Nostalgia and memories

If you are friends with me on Facebook I recently posted something about my mom cleaning out my room at home. It was long overdue but I can see why it wasn't an easy job. Not only was it difficult because there were loads of just random things, but they were all sentimental items too. I guess that's not the easiest job for mom (or me either, really). I had gotten rid of a few things throughout the years like old love letters and teddy bears from middle school boyfriends along with JTT posters, beads from Spring Break in Panama City Beach and the 'everyone in the 90.s had one' lava lamp. But, also throughout the years I brought more things in to the room. I added old curtains from my college apartment, sofa slipcovers, t-shirts that didn't fit anymore among anything else that I couldn't bring myself to get rid of at the time. Well, I guess I was just buying time until mom finally decided to get rid of it. I managed to squeeze in about 5 years after college graduation to hoard things at home (yes...I just did the math, 5 years...crazy). But, last week included D-Day. My mom went through a lot of things herself but I ended up with a little more to sort through. I had a box of childhood school projects and craft projects, my hanging bundle of pointe shoe carcasses, random things like Mickey ears from my senior trip to Disney World, my cowboy hat from a High school band trip to San Antonio and a few other things. Jon and I had fun going through all my old school projects. It provided some great insight to my little kid brain. A true gem that I found in the bunch was my middle school diary. HA! That was a great read (for me and especially Jon). I referred to my friend kissing her boyfriend as gross and said that they were "frenching". Hah, yuck! I guess some things don't change...maybe I was a germiphob long before now. But, it was very entertaining. But, as fun as it was going back through things....I do NOT want to store a box of randomness in my basement. I know we "have the space" but if you don't know this about me already, I'm waayy OCD and even if it's tucked into a corner in the basement storage room it will drive me crazy. So, I went through it all and most everything was either tossed in the trash or sent to Goodwill. I did hold on to 3 sentimental pair of pointe shoes. My first pair, my ruby red Dorothy slippers and my Odette, Swan Lake performance pair (probably my most intense dance year). Other than that, all my little memories are on their way to the DeKalb county landfill. Sorta sad, but...they are memories, right? Not things you keep sitting in a box just for the heck of it..right? Say yes, I hope I don't regret this down the road but, just in case...I at least took some pictures of the pile of pointe shoes and kept the t-shirts to get mom to make a blanket out of someday. But, as Casey says, I'll be the one in the nursing home talking about the good ole days of when I could dance in pointe shoes and when I was a size 6 but thought I was fat. But, I'm sure there will be plenty of memories to come and this isn't the first time I'll be faced with my OCD, minimalist-ish brain versus keeping things that tug at the heartstrings. But, here's to hoping there are no regrets about tossing those things out and also, here's to hoping our storage closet doesn't become filled with every future child's school projects, vacation bible school crafts and ballet slippers.

Another room done!

So, this is post is long overdue. I can't believe I've gotten so horrible at posting these days. I promised myself that this wouldn't be a "fad" and that since I got enjoyment from blogging and even if Jon and I were the only ones reading it it was worth it because I enjoy writing and sharing and of course, who doesn't love talking about themselves? Holy run-on sentence. My 4th grade teacher would be very disappointed. Anyways, so a couple weeks ago, June 26th to be exact, I tackled another room makeover. Room at hand...guest bedroom! We had Jim and Daneel (and Olivia) coming in town over the 4th of July holiday and thought it was a great excuse to finally get some personality in the room. I think I've said it before but all of our bedrooms and the long hallway were a basic off-white when we moved in. And, although it made things nice and easy to move right into without crazy clashing bedding and walls and have-to do projects, after about 6 months in the house I made it my goal to truly make each bedroom a "finished" room. Most of this has basically entailed painting and adding a few decorative items on a budget but I think that every room is really earning a special place in my heart. We still have to add something to the wall over our bed, most likely our traditional Always Kiss Me Goodnight quote, but once we do that we'll truly have three finished bedrooms. With the nursery being the last, pending room. Of course, everything is a work in progress and constantly changing but if they didn't change, I'd be happy how they look right now. Well, sorta...what would my excuse be for weekly trips to HomeGoods if we didn't change anything? But, here it is! All turquoise and cozy. I like it. It took a while for it to grow on me right after finished painting and moved the furniture back. However, with a few stops to Target and HomeGoods and lots of trial and error I realized that all I needed was some different, more contrasting art on the walls and more white showing on the bed. What do you think? Would you feel cozy as a guest in this room?

Oh, and the iPhone only does it partial justice.

Friday, June 10, 2011


Haha....that one little word just sends Jon's boxers straight into a wad! You know, like someones' panties getting in a wad. Well, Jon hates whenever I bring up the topic of painting. As you've already seen, I painted our "guest" bedroom to take it from white to blue and I just, last weekend, painted our room. I've decided that painting is my new favorite thing! I used to spend my time flipping through Pottery Barn catalogs to look at the couches and artwork and decor, but now I find myself gazing at the various paint colors used. I used to watch HGTV to fall in love with the houses and now I watch to see what paint colors they used! Crazy? Maybe. But, I think it may come from the fact that I was so deprived of being able to add any color to the walls with renting that I'm now very into it! Plus, our house was a blank slate! The previous owners pretty much primed everything before they put it on the market, so...good and bad. Good for me cause I get to customize it and make it ours (and don't even know what it looked like even more freedom without muddled visions)! However, bad for Jon because he has to have conversations of how colors match and flow and how this shade of blue has more green and that one has more yellow and this had a little more black. Needless to say, he could care less. Well, he'll try to insert opinion only when it results in less work and just to keep his spot in the bed that night, but really? I guarantee you he doesn't REALLY care. All of that being said....I think he had his first "true" opinion on painting the other night. I started talking about flow and matching and different shades of colors and I really thought I lost him. Score! Now I'm just going to slide in a few extra rooms that I want to, I continued...AND....HE HAD AN OPINION! And, if you know Jon at all...if he has an opinion,'s not going to be a weak one. He's sticking to it. And, if you know me at all....if I have an opinion, whew...I can kinda be a punk. So, needless to say...ugh, I hate to admit this...we argued over paint! Paint! WTF, really? What has my life come to?

Next chapter (since I'm apparently writing a short novel here): It turned into more. More of how I felt like I couldn't talk to him about these things (Really, think he really wants to talk paint colors?). My goodness, yes, I went there. But, all that being said...he does have an opinion and I'm letting him win this win some, you lose some, apparently even on home and "chick" things. So, we will only be focusing on painting the bedrooms right now (because those were the ones that were so blah and builder's white-blech). Now, AAALLL of that being said. I need some help deciding. We have two of the four bedrooms done. Refer back a few posts for pictures. I put together a little visual image of the current color scheme that's happening. So, my biggest thing is that I do not want a rainbow house but I want color on the walls, so...that's the hard thing. I wanted to keep all the colors muted but I also like true "splashes" of color (like the bedroom). Our house pretty much carries blue, red and green throughout with paint, decor and furnishings. So, to keep continuity and still some fun colors...what color do I paint the guest bedroom in the front right corner (P.S. It is bigger than a closet...obviously this thing isn't to scale-Windows Paint isn't that fancy)? It currently has a "coastal feel" with tan and light turquois-ish bedding. Oh, and keep in mind...that light blue room across the hall...well, it's that other one that needs to be painted and will be the nursery down the, probably a variation of blue (boy) or pink/green (girl). So, what should I do?! Is there a color already in the house that I could carry into that room? Should I choose a lighter color on the same blue color swatch to keep the coastal vibe going...or should I stick with a tan for that same coastal feel or possibly the grey color in the kitchen?? HELP!

Those of you who have been to the house...what do YOU think? About the paint, not me :-)
And then, they lived happily ever after. THE END.

Friday, June 3, 2011

THE curtains and My Review

Originally submitted at Cost Plus World Market

Suzani prints are known for their intriguing and intricate design, a staple in Central Asia; an eclectic decor element. This striking pattern in shades of deep rust and gold takes center stage set against a natural-toned background. Sleeve top creates a casual and nicely tailored look.

Love these in our bedroom!!

By ATL DINK from Atlanta, GA on 6/3/2011

5out of 5

Pros: Quality Construction, Great Color, Attractive Design, Beautiful Material, Easy To Hang

Best Uses: Bedroom

Describe Yourself: Midrange Shopper

I love these curtains! I had been thinking about adding curtains to my master bedroom for quite some time but couldn't find anything to coordinate with the rust colored bedding and espresso colored furniture. Also, I like to be somewhat consistent with the color throughout the house and have blue in some other rooms and the adjoining bathroom. So, I needed something with rust, espresso, tan (to coordinate with the wall color) and blue to tie in with the rest of the house. Well, on a random browsing trip to World Market I found these and they are absolutely perfect! They spruce up the once "all solid colored bedroom" perfectly. Much better than the other option of stripes or florals. They are lined and made of a nice thick material. The price...catch them on sale or when you have a coupon. Overall, I think you'll love them!

I will post some pictures of the new curtains and the new paint color as soon as I have time to catch the room with some natural light....we typically get morning sun in our bedroom. But, I am in love with painting and sprucing things up with simple additions! Paint makes such a difference and I'm absolutely loving transforming the house on a budget! I think I've decided that to instantly change a room all you need are curtains, paint and maybe a couple of accent pieces (be it pillows, knick-knacks, a lamp or a new picture). So, I woke up and got ready for work this morning, looked around and felt like I was in a whole new room!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Holidays and Staycations

The neighborhood kids are out of school riding their bikes through the neighborhood. That means it's practically summer, right? And, it's a holiday weekend! I've been getting increasingly excited about having some days off coming up. Jon and I decided to forego any getaways and just stick this one out at home. I've actually been looking forward to not going anywhere. Maybe I'm getting old? Well, anyways….I have been excited about everything that we can do this weekend while at home in Atlanta. I do have plans to clean the house, do some real grocery shopping and clean up in the yard a little, but I also thought about how we could chill by the pool, go see the double-header movie showing at the drive-in (yea, pretty sweet…Bridesmaids and Hangover 2!), hike Stone Mountain, get plenty of baby cuddles from my precious newborn baby niece (that's her in the picture, love her so much) and maybe even tickle my fancy with a trip to the driving range with the hubby. Well, I was pretty pumped about all of those things……until…….I heard this on the radio.

"Knee Deep" by Zac Brown Band feat. Jimmy Buffett

Now, all I can think about is the beach, the sand, the water…..ahhh….oh how I miss you. *sigh*

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Changing gears

Okay, so based off the few reactions I've gotten from my last blog I'm pretty sure I need to lighten the mood. I definitely don't want to seem focused on sad topics and heart breaking thoughts. So, change of subject (and mood)..... I've been obsessed with this new blog that my dear friend Casey told me all about during our Saturday morning chat over coffee....on the phone. As she was telling me all about it she outlined a few things: 1. that she thought of me at one point while reading it and thought that I would love it, 2. how I would fall in love with them as a couple and family and how adorable they were and 3. how I would end up wasting a lot of time reading it. Well, she is definitely right about ALL of the above. They are adorable, it's totally my thing and I have already wasted too much time trying to catch up on this totally adorable family and their crazy DIY projects! The blog is called Young House Love and basically they are big do-it-yourself gurus. They have completed remodeled and decorated one house and are now tackling another. They have an adorably bald-headed one year old little girl and are great writers. It's quite entertaining to read. Oh, and they do this for a living! Sign me up for that deal!

Well, got me to thinking about the DIY decorating projects I have done around our house over the past few months of new home ownership. I haven't really gone All Out on anything but I have managed to throw together a few decorative items using things we had around the house paired with some things from the craft store. I painted a picture, did a flower arrangement, refinished a window and put some sponges in a glass, ha. Really, here's the breakdown: The painting required a couple tubes of paint and a lightweight canvas, the flowers are silk flowers that I put in a vase with those beads. You know, the ones that start out tiny and grow when you add water? The window bought from the flea market for about $10 and then sanded it and refinished it. The canister I was previously using for coffee but decided it would look prettier as a decorative piece in the bathroom filled with various sponges. Not anything fancy but, it got me thinking about how I want to be craftier(word?) and more creative. I want to do more myself and use my creativity. But, no matter how creative I think I am, I'm really just an amateur and copy-cat. I'm definitely no Martha Stewart or "Young House Love"

Monday, May 16, 2011


If you are in my life on a normal basis or happen to be my friend on Facebook you probably know that I had a big event happening this weekend....moving my grandmother. Moving her away from HER home, her life, her things, her comfort zone, and honestly her freedom. I have been struggling with such weird feelings about the whole thing. I've been wondering why things like this happen, why people suffer unknowingly from such a weird "disease" and why we have to come full circle in so many ways. I have been so excited to get her moved over here and closer to our family. She has been living in the same 30 minute radius her whole life and this was quite the move. We are having to move her away from all that she's ever known. But, it needed to happen. She has been alone for too long. Ever since my grandaddy passed away a few years back she has been living alone. Her closest family member was 3 hours away and most everyone is even further away. She is suffering from dementia (possibly Alzheimer's, she's never been officially diagnosed with it) for the past few years and we had kept her in her house, alone for as long as we could. So, it was the right thing to do and the best thing to do, but why does it have to get to this point? Why can we not rationally explain it to her? Why can we not have a conversation with her (that she'll remember) about why it's better and even have her remember that she was alone before. She doesn't remember being alone or even that my grandad isn't coming home. It's a horrible disease and I wish that nobody had to go through this. It's sad that she should be enjoying her grand kids and great grand kids and enjoying not cooking or cleaning or having to do anything! But instead...she doesn't remember anything. I'm happy to have her close by now to be able to see her more often but wish that she could remember who I am and why I love her and why I'm coming by to visit with her. There are moments of remembering but so many where she honestly doesn't know me from Adam. I live for the moments that she'll remember and the moments that seeing me will make her happy but in the moments that she doesn' just leaves me sad. Sad that she can't know. Sad that she won't REALLY know who my kids are down the road. I'm happy to have her close but know that having her as a much bigger part of my life right now will also result in sadness. Sadness felt for her and what she's unknowingly going through.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Before and After

I finally took some pictures (not using my iPhone) and have the official "before" and "after" of the blue (formerly white) room! What do you think? I love it...sometimes I wish it was maybe a little more of a muted blue, but definitely not enough to paint an entire room again. Plus, it looks much better in'll just have to see for yourself! This is probably going to be an ever-evolving room in our house so I didn't want to spend a lot of extra money on anything that wouldn't work later or somewhere else. I used a lot of the same stuff like pictures, bedding and other things but I think I managed to spruce it up quite a bit. I'm happy with the results and now have a bad painting itch after seeing the instant transformation! Next blog will probably include pictures of the master bedroom...with a nicer tan color on the walls!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Shades of Blue

Who would've thought that one could be so confused by a color choice? Well, actually...I have a ways of over analyzing and thinking way too much about the simplest things in life....especially when money and effort are involved. Well, Jon's been traveling for business and we've been living with the plague of a white room since December so I figured I'd occupy my time and fix the situation. We have looked at paint swatches and talked about colors and coordinating bedding before (yes, I'm sure he hates his life sometimes) but never made a decision. But, Wednesday was "go time"! We pretty much had decided on a shade of blue or green and I made the executive decision on blue since we already have touches of green throughout the majority of common areas in out house. Now, here's the really tough choice: which shade of blue? I looked at pictures online to get some inspiration and boy did that just confuse things more...I have attached all my inspiration below for your viewing pleasure.

But, I finally decided I liked a slate blue, slightly grey but not any bit green, not baby boy blue, a medium shade, not too dark, but once again, not baby boy, off I went to pick up the supplies. Luckily my brother is a manager at a local hardware store and ultimately made the decision on simply....."slate blue". So, I got home, prepared the room and went to town *insert cheesy line:painted the room blue*, ha, get it? Well, I think I like it....I would've liked it a little lighter and a little more grey, but overall...I think it turned out nice! I added some touches of sage as an accent color with the lampshade and pillow and added some curtains to soften it up and voile! A totally new look for under $100!! We now have a slate blue room and it no longer feels like the "white room" or the room with the "hospital bed" or the "extra" room. It looks like there's a purpose to it and it's actually a good first glance while walking down the hallway to the rest of the rooms now. Eventually we'll get a big kid bed, new artwork (probably) and fluffy white bedding...I'm slightly obsessed, but until then I'm no longer embarrassed by this room! Hooray! I'll post a before and after once I stage the "reveal" for Jon.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Mixed thoughts

With the past couple of days being filled with images and videos of two major world events right now I can't help but feel that I'm being pulled in two different directions. I find myself getting sucked into pictures plastered all over the Internet of happiness and sadness at the same time. Sadness with the devastation in Alabama from the massive tornadoes and happiness from the images of the royal couple's nuptials. It's an emotional roller coaster!

My family in Alabama is safe and luckily, very luckily no one got attacked by this horrendous storm. It's hard to look at the flattened building and homes and not think of all the terror and devastation of those families. I cannot even fathom it all! I'm praying for the people affected by this storm, the lives lost and hope for a quickly recovery for the towns.

I hate to focus on the negative, so...on to the wedding madness! I really haven't been a fanatic about this whole thing, but a. who doesn't love weddings? b. they are so darn cute! and c. the media won me over with all the hype surrounding today. So, here are my comments and observations.

I love the whole "commoner" term that's been associated with Catherine (formerly known as Kate). I mean, really? Her parents might be "new money" and non-royalty but do we really consider millionaires to be "commoners" these days? I know the term is only because they are not from a royal status but I hate to call them common. This is anything but common. Millions of people watching and good Lord the details!

Another observation...what's with all the head gear? The hats and feathers and some things that I don't even know what to call are out of control! The Queen's hat wasn't so hot but I didn't know that it was a requirement to attend the wedding. Did they put an asterisk on the invitation so that the "commoners" would know to wear something adorning their heads? However, I have to say that I've been on a little bit of an accessory kick wanting to buy headbands and necklaces. Maybe I'll venture down the feather headpiece route. Could I pull it off? Hmm...I shall see.

Final thought for now (since I haven't actually watched the wedding...I cherish my sleep more and figured I'd take advantage of modern day technology-the DVR)....her dress was beautiful! We all have been wondering what it would look like and how elaborate it would be and I think she made the perfect choice! Traditional elegance. I love the lace details and the conservative nature of having the lace sleeves combined with the full skirt and oh so amazing train! It makes me want to put on my wedding dress and twirl around the house dreaming of a "commoners" wedding at the palace with my Prince. Haha...just kidding. She can keep her over the top, stuffy wedding. Mine was just perfect! However...I would love to kidnap her wardrobe.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A very (un)welcome Spring!

Right now I have a love-hate relationship with Spring and home ownership. I love the flowers in bloom and the mild temperatures but I hate the pollen and the running nose that I can't seem to escape. I love love love our house but hate feeling like no matter how much back breaking "clean-up" I do in the yard there's still more. That's probably the anal perfectionist in me however, there's nothing prettier than a well manicured yard. The house looks great and the yard looks great too but I'd love to do an overhaul and have someone come through, suck up all the old pine straw and lay more. Maybe I'll budget for that over the new couple of months. The oxymoron in all of this is that I'm really just talking about the natural areas. Who knew that a natural area required so much pruning and maintenance? I am learning a lot about gardening though and absolutely love it (with the exception on the pollen creeping into my eyes and nose). I made it my mission this weekend to clean up the flower beds and plant some flowers in our empty flower pots. Once I got started I noticed some real yucky looking "plants" which I ended up identifying as weeds using google images and some random weed sites. They were everywhere. They had yellow buds on them so I thought they might be flowers but they were ugly and I was secretly hoping they were weeds so that I could justify getting rid of them. Well, they were and now they're gone! The only thing really left are the azaleas, a dogwood tree and roses. Not a bad mix of plants! Someone spent some good money on making the landscaping at our house beautiful and it has been a very nice Springtime surprise for us! The azaleas cover the whole backyard and there are a few in the front with some roses and the lovely dogwood tree. A very quintessentially southern yard! That's one of the biggest things that I love about our neighborhood is all of the old, mature trees and mature landscaping. It's just so pretty right now spotting all the colors in the yards. I love it, but as I'm sitting here tying I'm sniffling and can't seem to muscle through this yucky pollen season! Here's to May! Spring temperatures, spring flowers and NO pollen!!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Closet rehab

I wish I could have a closet rehab! I go through phases of different things I'd like to spend money on. It pretty much switches daily between the cute pair of shoes I just saw at the store, to the dining room table I saw on an episode of House Hunters, to the pretty flowers I saw driving down the street. Lately it's been a little of everything (like I said, it changes daily and probably hourly) but right now as I sit here thinking that my grey cable knit sweater and black pants are dull I realize I want a wardrobe makeover. I'm not sure if it's that I really am into new clothes right now or if it's more of the fact that I'm looking forward to SPRING and cheery, warm weather clothing! I always get a little antsy towards the end of seasons and start looking forward to the change. But, back to clothes...I always think other people look cute and always see cute things in the store but just can't bring myself to ever spend money on clothes when I have perfectly find clothing to wear hanging in my closet. Shoes have been my weakness...I've been on a kick (ha, no pun intended) lately. Here's two pair that I've bought addition to a new pair of work shoes that I desperately needed. To my defense, I got one pair for a birthday gift and the other pair, well...they were on sale and go with everything and are "the new black", so I just had to have them :-)

Friday, March 4, 2011

Ahh...the weekend!

This picture pretty much captures what I'm planning to do every weekend until the next cold spell comes along. We've had this hammock since a wedding shower so long ago and have just never had a place to hang it! But, in our new house there is an absolutely perfect place and I think this is just what my weekends have been missing!

Speaking of the weekend, TGIF! Hmm...what happened to TGIF on ABC back in the day? I can't seem to find anything worth watching on a Friday night anymore and would love to watch some episodes of Full House, Step by Step and Family Matters!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Just a glimpse

I feel like I have become obsessed with ideas. But, to my defense I don't think it's just me. I'm just one of those people who once they get an idea in their heads I'm bound and determined to make it happen and soon and if for some reason I can't (ie...things out of my control) then I'll daydream about it until it all becomes a reality. Well, ever since we got the house and the options are practically limitless I find myself daydreaming about home ideas. I love how it all fell together without us really buying anything when we moved in, but I just always have these ideas of making the space more comfortable and that a word? Well, anyways, you get what I'm saying and I realize that, to quote a friend, "Rome wasn't built in a day" but it's so fun to look at ideas and imagine them in your own house. Here are some things that I love....

I love the use of vintage windows in home decor. I don't think I'll be as creative as this person was but I am planning to hunt down some cool windows at the antique store this weekend and hang them in the guest bedroom. I think that they'll give it a really cool, coastal, vintage feel and I actually got Jon to agree with me on this brilliant idea. I think it's funny how I used to hate the "shabby chic" look but I think I've discovered that it kinda personifies who I am. I've really been diggin' it lately and think it's time to bring some more "shabby chic" touches into our home.

The other rooms are ideas for our fireside living area and the sunroom. I LOOOVE the daybed idea for a sunroom. I just think it makes it so cozy and functional, especially if you're trying to incorporate an extra sleeping space for guests somewhere. I also LOVE the green chairs from the other sunroom setup and the drapes too! The purple chairs by the fireplace are NOT on the like list but I do love the way the chairs are set up in front of the fireplace. It's just so inviting. It makes you want to curl up next to the fireplace and read a book. Well, at least I think so. I think that set-up will definitely make it into the house when the resources allow.

Okay, I can't resist, I must share...I got sidetracked on Pottery Barn the other day and happened across this lovely baby girl room....I'll just tell Jon I was looking for my niece in the bun now....and of course, I'll add the disclaimer for those with wondering minds....I have NO reason to be looking at this but like I said...couldn't resist....and isn't it beautiful?

Friday, February 11, 2011

Settle For A Slowdown

Wow, I can’t believe I’ve not blogged in over a month! I guess that kinda speaks for itself, well…either I haven’t had time or I’ve gotten bored talking about myself. Well, I think it’s really a little bit of both, but to give you a glimpse into what’s been happening since January 7, 2011 here it goes: first we moved, technically that was before the 7th but you know how that goes, there’s always stuff to do and definitely better things to do than sit in front of a computer and blog, then we came down with the flu, that took about a week of doing nothing but sleeping and sitting on the sofa watching Jersey Shore repeats, after that the blizzard ice storm came to Atlanta, that actually trapped us inside the house for a few days so one would think that I had time to blog but we didn’t have internet service yet and I wasn’t about to finger tap a blog entry on my phone, so, forgive me, let’s see….after we moved, got over the flu, got internet service back and survived the winter ice blast we hosted a game night at the house and had our housewarming party, I think we thoroughly warmed our house and have quite the well-stocked bar as a result, once things started to settle down Jon and I were off to Florida, followed by Mexico on a week-long excursion/cruise from Atlanta-Orlando-Miami-Key West-Cozumel-Miami-Orlando and finally we’re HOME! Okay…the end of my ramble session. Let’s get back to proper use of commas and periods. Life’s been busy and I really like staying that way. However, I was so happy to be home this week and purposefully avoided making too many plans for this weekend. I do plan on having a mini birthday celebration with some friends on Saturday night, but am making no social plans other than that. I can’t wait to just relax and play around town with my hubby. I think that’s something we struggle with sometimes. We never leave enough time for us to truly hang out together (after work during the week doesn’t count) and do whatever strikes us at the time. It seems that since both of us are social and like to be around other people we sometimes forget that we A. don’t have to have plans and B. don’t have to surround ourselves with other people every time we have a free moment on the weekends. And, for that reason… we are having a date night/ movie night tonight! As for tomorrow night, we’ll be social. But, tonight and tomorrow during the day, I plan on hanging out with the hubby and the pups. I think we’ll venture out on a walk to the dog park in the morning and am interested in going to my first antique mall tomorrow afternoon. Hmm…you think I can convince Jon to go? We’ll see. Am I getting old? All I talked about this blog was needing to slow down and it ended with going to antique malls. Ugh….it must be the late twenties kickin’ in….

Friday, January 7, 2011

2011 and no Internet

Right now Jon and I are living in the Stone Ages with no internet! Well, maybe not Stone Ages but it is kinda weird not to have a computer with internet access in the year 2011. Next Tuesday we should be up and running again. But, I have had my phone for most things (like writing this) but I can't wait to fully update you on our new house!! We closed Monday the 27th, moved the following Wednesday and came down with the flu slightly thereafter so, needless to say I probably, even if we had internet, wouldn't have been blogging anyways. But, in summary...the house is awesome, I absolutely love it and the flu stinks!