Friday, June 10, 2011


Haha....that one little word just sends Jon's boxers straight into a wad! You know, like someones' panties getting in a wad. Well, Jon hates whenever I bring up the topic of painting. As you've already seen, I painted our "guest" bedroom to take it from white to blue and I just, last weekend, painted our room. I've decided that painting is my new favorite thing! I used to spend my time flipping through Pottery Barn catalogs to look at the couches and artwork and decor, but now I find myself gazing at the various paint colors used. I used to watch HGTV to fall in love with the houses and now I watch to see what paint colors they used! Crazy? Maybe. But, I think it may come from the fact that I was so deprived of being able to add any color to the walls with renting that I'm now very into it! Plus, our house was a blank slate! The previous owners pretty much primed everything before they put it on the market, so...good and bad. Good for me cause I get to customize it and make it ours (and don't even know what it looked like even more freedom without muddled visions)! However, bad for Jon because he has to have conversations of how colors match and flow and how this shade of blue has more green and that one has more yellow and this had a little more black. Needless to say, he could care less. Well, he'll try to insert opinion only when it results in less work and just to keep his spot in the bed that night, but really? I guarantee you he doesn't REALLY care. All of that being said....I think he had his first "true" opinion on painting the other night. I started talking about flow and matching and different shades of colors and I really thought I lost him. Score! Now I'm just going to slide in a few extra rooms that I want to, I continued...AND....HE HAD AN OPINION! And, if you know Jon at all...if he has an opinion,'s not going to be a weak one. He's sticking to it. And, if you know me at all....if I have an opinion, whew...I can kinda be a punk. So, needless to say...ugh, I hate to admit this...we argued over paint! Paint! WTF, really? What has my life come to?

Next chapter (since I'm apparently writing a short novel here): It turned into more. More of how I felt like I couldn't talk to him about these things (Really, think he really wants to talk paint colors?). My goodness, yes, I went there. But, all that being said...he does have an opinion and I'm letting him win this win some, you lose some, apparently even on home and "chick" things. So, we will only be focusing on painting the bedrooms right now (because those were the ones that were so blah and builder's white-blech). Now, AAALLL of that being said. I need some help deciding. We have two of the four bedrooms done. Refer back a few posts for pictures. I put together a little visual image of the current color scheme that's happening. So, my biggest thing is that I do not want a rainbow house but I want color on the walls, so...that's the hard thing. I wanted to keep all the colors muted but I also like true "splashes" of color (like the bedroom). Our house pretty much carries blue, red and green throughout with paint, decor and furnishings. So, to keep continuity and still some fun colors...what color do I paint the guest bedroom in the front right corner (P.S. It is bigger than a closet...obviously this thing isn't to scale-Windows Paint isn't that fancy)? It currently has a "coastal feel" with tan and light turquois-ish bedding. Oh, and keep in mind...that light blue room across the hall...well, it's that other one that needs to be painted and will be the nursery down the, probably a variation of blue (boy) or pink/green (girl). So, what should I do?! Is there a color already in the house that I could carry into that room? Should I choose a lighter color on the same blue color swatch to keep the coastal vibe going...or should I stick with a tan for that same coastal feel or possibly the grey color in the kitchen?? HELP!

Those of you who have been to the house...what do YOU think? About the paint, not me :-)
And then, they lived happily ever after. THE END.

Friday, June 3, 2011

THE curtains and My Review

Originally submitted at Cost Plus World Market

Suzani prints are known for their intriguing and intricate design, a staple in Central Asia; an eclectic decor element. This striking pattern in shades of deep rust and gold takes center stage set against a natural-toned background. Sleeve top creates a casual and nicely tailored look.

Love these in our bedroom!!

By ATL DINK from Atlanta, GA on 6/3/2011

5out of 5

Pros: Quality Construction, Great Color, Attractive Design, Beautiful Material, Easy To Hang

Best Uses: Bedroom

Describe Yourself: Midrange Shopper

I love these curtains! I had been thinking about adding curtains to my master bedroom for quite some time but couldn't find anything to coordinate with the rust colored bedding and espresso colored furniture. Also, I like to be somewhat consistent with the color throughout the house and have blue in some other rooms and the adjoining bathroom. So, I needed something with rust, espresso, tan (to coordinate with the wall color) and blue to tie in with the rest of the house. Well, on a random browsing trip to World Market I found these and they are absolutely perfect! They spruce up the once "all solid colored bedroom" perfectly. Much better than the other option of stripes or florals. They are lined and made of a nice thick material. The price...catch them on sale or when you have a coupon. Overall, I think you'll love them!

I will post some pictures of the new curtains and the new paint color as soon as I have time to catch the room with some natural light....we typically get morning sun in our bedroom. But, I am in love with painting and sprucing things up with simple additions! Paint makes such a difference and I'm absolutely loving transforming the house on a budget! I think I've decided that to instantly change a room all you need are curtains, paint and maybe a couple of accent pieces (be it pillows, knick-knacks, a lamp or a new picture). So, I woke up and got ready for work this morning, looked around and felt like I was in a whole new room!