Friday, April 23, 2010

Oh the possibilities...

You know, I've been pretty happy lately about the possibilities in life. Sometimes I feel like I'm at a dead-end with where I am right now or feel like I'm in my "middle school" years and such. But, this week I've realized that our possibilities are actually endless and that makes me really happy!! You know what else makes me happy.....
Jon's finally home! He was out of town all week and I'm just so glad to have him back! Plus, he was in Tampa without me and that's just not fair!

Oh, also...Fridays and margaritas make me uber happy!!

Monday, April 19, 2010

What a weekend!

This weekend we made a trip to Clarkesville, GA for Jarrod and Julia's wedding. It was a fun but LONG weekend. We got up there on Friday after a morning of pampering with Kelly and the festivities began. I'm pretty sure I managed to have a drink in hand all weekend and I'm not sure that my 26 year old self can handle many of "those" weekends anymore. It was beautiful weather this weekend and it made for a great outdoor wedding. I would add pictures but sadly left BOTH of my cameras at home. I am still so upset about it! Maybe someone will post some on facebook soon and I can steal and share them here. :-(

On another note....we got back to Atlanta and had an 'anything but relaxing' Sunday afternoon. We decided to grab some food in Norcross on our way home and swing by the show the parents our new digs and got bombarded with an old co-worker of my moms. So, an hour later we FINALLY got home. I changed to PJs, grabbed a blanket and headed for the couch. After laying there for a moment I get a knock on the back door. I'm thinking..."why would someone be knocking on the back door?" Well...because it's our landlord, who happens to also be our next door neighbor, holding Bailey covered in blood! What the hell? I mean, I'm not sure what exactly happened to her still but she has a gash on her ear and was absolutely covered in blood and it wouldn't stop bleeding! All I was thinking about was taking a nap and cuddling with the pups and now this!?! Well, I think she's fine. We were finally able to stop the bleeding and get her to calm down so that it had time to clot but this was the LAST thing we wanted to deal with on Sunday. I think we may have avoided the emergency room and a dog wearing a cone for the next week but if we hadn't been able to this would've been what our weekend tab looked like.....

$260 gray suit for wedding
$400 two nights stay at the bed and breakfast
$40 eyebrow wax and mani/pedi
$50 premium gas for the CX
$50 beer and wine
$100 chewed laptop power adaptor
$50 replacement rug with blood drops
$10 replacement washclothes from blood cleanup
$30 replacement shower curtain from blood smears
$50 replacement Rainbow sandals from blood drops
$30 replacement shower curtain from blood smears
$200 emergency vet trip

$1270.00 grand total...geez... how about priceless? There's nothing like sharing a great wedding weekend with friends. However, I could've passed on the dog drama. Oh well.....trying to stay positive.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

A Mazda family...ZOOM Zoom

Jon and I are the proud owners of not one, but TWO Mazda vehicles now! As you know from the previous post we were in the market for a new car and came to the most practical decision. Jon may have not ended up with his pretnetious Beamer but rather a very nice, fully loaded CX-7. I have stood by the fact that we need an SUV. I know that they guzzle gas and that we don't NEED one for a family or anything but it just makes more sense. Why buy a car when you already have one. I like the idea of having a vehicle for all purposes. If we want to save on gas and only need "car" space then we have the 6. If we plan on taking the dogs and having any other company with us than we take the CX. It just makes the most all-around sense. Plus, we were about to trade two perfectly fine cars for two different cars. Basically Jon would've traded an SUV for a car and me a car for SUV. Makes NO sense! So, last night we went looking for me a CX-7. We found a great deal on one with all the bells and whistles. Jon wasn't sure why I didn't instantly fall in love with it. I explained how I become very attached to my cars and wasn't quite ready to get rid of mine but how we needed an SUV. Anyways, the whole thing clicked. Jon would get the CX-7. This would satisfy him with a car with upgrades and a smoother ride and we would actually both like driving each other's cars. The deal I made....if we get an unexpected surprise than I would take the "family SUV" and he could trade mine for a BMW. But for now we will enjoy our practical decision and lower car payments.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The itch

BMW's and babies. These two things have been the two most talked about things for Jon and I this week. To explain a little bit, we rode with Erik (who just bought a BMW) and Kate on Saturday to the G-Day game in Athens. Well, ever since then Jon's been talking about nothing other than how to get a BMW. Originally I thought it was an awful idea. I mean he has a perfectly suitable and new car! Com'mon', he just got it last summer and it's an '08!! If anyone should get a new car it should be me! I've had the same car since 2006! Now, that being said....I talked Jon out of the BMW option last summer in hopes that he would fall in love with the Xterra because it just made more sense and it's just not happening as planned. Everytime he sees a BMW he brings it up again. He's broken me down. So, I told him that he could get the BMW as long as we didn't lose money in the whole deal and he couldn't tell me I couldn't do the same. Fair, right? I think so. Plus, I'd look really hot driving that BMW. :-)

Now, onto babies.....we had a little scare. Without disclosing too many details (because no one reading this should know that much about my private parts and what's happenin' down there) all the signs pointed to us being pregnant! Exciting, but perhaps a little sooner than planned. It was nice thinking that we could be though. We started throwing out names, which room the nursery would go in, how cute Jon and baby Ray would look in the Beamer, how we'd celebrate his/her birthday (since he/she would be a Christmas baby), and every other way in which life would change. I'm not gonna lie, it was kind of fun to think about since so many people around us are having babies. However, we just got married in October! So, on that note I want to let everyone know that we have plans to go on a kickass Southern Caribbean cruise for our one year anniversary and I will be sipping on Pina Colodas while everyone else is changing diapers (j/k, sorta).

P.S. Why are babies so cute and tempting? I will personally blame Daneel and Amy for having cute little boogers, thanks guys! Thanks for giving the newlyweds the baby itch!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Welcome to baby J!!

Liam Duval Jennings was born on April 11, 2010 at 10:52PM! He was 8 lbs, 5 oz and 21 1/2 inches long and absolutely precious! But, there's a funny, frustrating, and bittersweet story behind all this. I have probably been talking about taking pictures of Amy and the baby bump for the past 6 months and finally found a Sunday where we were both free to do so. Well, I called Amy on Saturday night and specifically told her to squeeze her legs together and keep little J in for at least another night (he wasn't due until the 20th....I didn't think I was askign a lot) so that I could get some maternity pictures of her. Well, SHE DIDN'T! I got what I thought was a joke of a text that morning saying that they were on the way to the hospital because her water broke. I started laughing and thought it was a good joke and that we'd still be having our photo session and lunch together. Nope! No joke....she was in the hospital and little Liam arrived 15 hours later! Geez...good timing Amy! Just kidding. I just think it's funny how it all happened. The nice thing for Amy is that she didn't have to go back to school after spring break, good and perfect timing for her. However, it looks like she'll need to get pregnant again and I'll take pictures of her that go-around. Plus, baby pictures are cuter anyways, right? Oh...another idea.....someone else needs to get knocked up! Who's next?

Jon and I (and my parents) got to see baby Liam yesterday and he's precious....see......

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

House decor and adult stuff

I think it's interesting how when you're younger it's all about the clothes and every extra bit of money you run across you spend on clothing and accessories and now all I want to buy is stuff for the house! I mean, don't get me wrong I still buy summer dresses (my other weakness) but I am always thinking about ways to spruce up the house. Jon and I have some nice stuff and have invested a little bit of money here or there on furniture or decor but most of our stuff was just combined and made work when we moved in together. I think it's time to make some enhancements and not a hodge podge of his and hers but OURS. Here are some pictures that show ideas I have.......

Okay….this is for the "hospital bed". We already have the white quilt. I just thought it might make it more inviting for a nice fluffy comforter to be thrown on the bottom of it. Plus…notice the red walls…I love it!
This is what I want in our bathroom. I kinda stole this idea from the interior designer here at Post. She always puts real curtains in the bathroom with the rod set at the very top of the ceiling and it just puts such a spin on the room. Plus, we have nice blue and brown towels now and I could completely change the look with this fabric hanging.
This is what I imagine our guest bedroom looking like. Nice fluffy white bedding with lots of textures and neutral tones with these green and white flowers on the wall. I'd also throw a black and white accent pillow in the mix. Maybe some green paint? Or change it up all together and do blue walls? Maybe not though. Keep in mind that our room would look different because we have a black rod iron bed. But, focus on the all white bedding....I found one that I love at Target but can't find a way to post it.
This is our living room! I have been eyeing this rug for quite some time now. It's at Target and it's just awesome. I love the colors and the pattern..... it's just a little pricey for a Target rug with dogs in the house. But, I'm getting sick of absolutely no rug and all hardwoods. And last but not least....the couch! I love the simple, clean lines of a traditional beige sofa. I think I'd also do an oversized chair with this and pick a shade darker than this.

One thing I wish we could do is paint! I can I guess but I refuse to pour money into a rental house. Maybe when we have our own house I'll add some color back into our lives.

I passed!

I have officially completed my Photography 101 class! I must say that I learned quite a bit and feel like I can take much better pictures now. I got pretty decent reviews of my photos on my final critique and only wish that I had more time to really scout out interesting subject matter for the photos I showed in class. I really do feel like once you know the basics of how to manipulate your photos it's all about having an 'eye' for photography. People have told me I have what it takes so hopefully I can actually make something of all this! How awesome would it be to tell people that I was a PHOTOGRAPHER?!?! I think I want to concentrate on people and portrait photography. I do love taking pictures of landscapes too; nature and water always make a good photograph (Boy am I a sucker for water!). However, the money is all made when you deal with people. Anyone want to be my test subject? That is....until I'm a professional and I have to charge :-)

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Nothing better to kick off the warm weather season like....

Easter and Baseball! Sunday was filled with family time and good eatin'! You know, it's bad how (even though our families are 15 and 45 minutes away) going to see them seems like such a task. Sometimes all I want to do on a Sunday is relax around the house in my grubby clothes and hang out with our 'little' family. However, before mom gets sad....I love spending time with them! It always makes it worth it once I get up the energy to actually make the trip. We hadn't seen Jon's family in a couple months so that was definitely nice. Not to mention they have this fabulous front porch and it was the perfect weather to enjoy a glass of sweet tea (or wine) while rocking in a chair and catching up. We had a marathon day and managed to make the trek from South Atlanta to North Atlanta (and of course back home later) to see my parents too. My dad grilled out, mom made a really good summer salad with cucumbers, tomatoes and corn and we finished the night off with my favorite movie "Sweet Home Alabama". I mean, I know it's not the best cinematic flick ever made but it's just so cute. My favorite line...Jake: "Why'd you wanna marry me anyway? Melanie: "So I can kiss you anytime I want." Of course this is all said in a very southern twang and I absolutely love it! I sometimes wish I had a more southern accent and grew up in a small town. It just looks like they had so much fun and everyone knows everyone! I guess there are pros and cons.

So, onto Baseball....
A group of us got tickets for the season home opener and made it an all day event. We met up around noon and made our way down to ole' Turner Field. We managed to get set up right by the entrance with a table for games, a grill and lots of food! It ended up being great because we had a few different groups of people who joined in on the pre-game fun and made for a great tailgate. The game was you all probably know, the Braves won! And....Heyward hit a pretty nice homer too. Jon is in LOVE with baseball and I'm pretty sure was getting annoyed that I wasn't jumping up and down screaming but after a day of drinking and being nasty, sweaty and hot I wasn't quite in the jumping and screaming energetic mood. That being said...I really did have a great time! But, thank goodness most of the games are evening ones for the rest of season. I'm gonna push for those next time! I love summer nights and Jon loves baseball...sounds like a perfect time!

Wow, that was long...I need to try to update this thing daily to keep from having short novels.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Lots to talk about

Okay, so I haven't been good about blogging this week. Let's have a little recap. Monday was rough. The first day back after a long weekend just isn't my cup of tea. However, also on Monday I spoke with a recruiter about a great (or what I thought was...that's covered later) job as a newborn photographer at Northside and I rocked the interview so that made Monday much better. Tuesday I got a speeding ticket on my way to work so that's $125 down the drain for going 40 in a 30 zone. Tuesday night was my second to last photography class and it was good but I'm supposed to take 7 of the best pictures I've ever taken and I don't know when I can make it happen (working Saturdays stinks). Wednesday we met up with Dan and Amy for dinner and drinks (for everyone but preggo). I can't wait to meet baby Jennings soon! Thursday I talked Jon into going for sushi which was fabulous but I had a mini meltdown about jobs/careers etc. So now, to elaborate on the let down photography job. I happened to google the company and how much the photographers make to know what I was getting myself into. The way they explained the compensation to me actually sounded like it had potential for decent money. Not only would the money be comparable for only 4 days of work but it would be a great opportunity to expand into clients for my own company AND it would combine all my interests (photography, sales, families AND babies). But, no. The company has horrible reviews from all angles. I mean....employees and customers. No one is happy with them. They tell you that you make a base hourly wage AND commisson on sales but that has lies embedded. Plus, no one is happy with the photographs and customer service. Basically it's a scam, so I'm back to square one. Who knows what I'll do. Sigh. Friday started out at the gynocologist, enough said, but turned out awesome! We managed to rally everyone for not only Happy Hour but also an impromptu flip cup tournament at the house! I love the fact that we have a house to entertain and beds to crash in if need be. I'm so happy for amazing weather and a screen porch too! Hmm...I think that sums it all up! Maybe I'll re-visit this weekend and elaborate more on life :-)