Thursday, December 16, 2010

Lazy days and busy times

One thing I realized a while back (and am more reminded of now) is that I LOVE being busy. Honestly, if I'm not busy I'm lazy. There really isn't much of a middle ground for me. I love having things to do and places to go even if there isn't much time in the day to do those things. Lately I haven't had much going on and have just been lazy! I mean, LAZY! When I get home from work I pretty much park it on the sofa (with my cuddle bug featured to the right) under the blanket and try my darndest not to move until bedtime. It's so bad that I will hold "it" until the very last possible second and then run to the restroom to minimize the amount of cold air that I come in contact with. Jon will get up from time to time. This is my cue to ask for anything I may need because, well, of course he's already up so why should I move from under the blanket and get my own nail file or bottle of water or phone. Haha...I guess I figure one day I won't be able to glue myself to the sofa after work so I'll embrace it now, right? That's what I'll tell myself, but hey...I just admitted to being lazy. Isn't that worth something?

I do enjoy being slightly lazy from time to time but I really do thrive on being busy. I'm looking forward to holiday festivities coming up (and coming quickly might I add) and everything else we have planned. Oh, side note: I also love plans. But, that's a subject for a different, yet similar blog posting. After Christmas we've got the house closing (wohoo!!!), then moving/ unpacking, then we have friends from Tampa coming into town...yes, our first house guests less than two days after moving, I've said...I love it because it means I'll be busy! Then you've got New Year's festivities and in a few weeks after that we're going on a cruise! I'm looking forward to EVERYTHING coming up. I love being busy, having house guests, our new house, spending time with my family, seeing my sweet little niece and I love having plans.

I hate moving.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Gainful employment

So, I've officially made it through my first week of my new job. I have to say it's interesting that after a week I really only know maybe 15% more than I did going into it. that a problem? I really don't know. It's funny because I don't think anyone really knows how to explain things to me that I'm supposed to be doing or be in charge of. So, I'm trying to gather as much random information as possible and maybe I'll be able to arrange it into an order that makes sense to me. I really do think that I'm going to enjoy it though. It's a lot of the same stuff I was doing but more on the management/operational side of things. However, I'm not JUST a cube monkey. I actually get to interact with people too which is nice. My boss seems super cool which is refreshing and everyone has been very welcoming. The egos don't seem to be out of control as they can sometimes be in work settings. I think overall it's going to be a good fit...that is, once I figure out what I actually do, Ha.

On another note, we're inching closer and closer to our closing date! The paperwork required has been quite excessive and slightly invasive but hopefully, come December it'll all be worth it when we're chillin' in our amazing house in front of a nice fire sippin' on hot tea. Well, tea sounds better but or wine is a little more realistic for us. Up until the past week or so I've tried to keep an arms-length distance between me and the house just in case it didn't actually happen. However, the closer it gets and the more people we tell the more real it feels. I've started imagining what it's going to look like with all our furniture set-up. I've been planning housewarming open houses/parties and designing invitations. I've actually bought a couple things that I wanted for the house too. It's getting exciting! I'm trying to not let it take the excitement away from Christmas because as I said in an earlier post, I LOVE Christmas, but...I figure I'm just getting excited about the best Christmas present I'll ever get, right?

I'm attaching an image of the Christmas card we decided on since obviously 50 cards is not enough for me to get them out to both family AND friends. Merry Christmas from the Rays!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Tomorrow's the big day!

Looks like it's already here! I'm starting my new J.O.B. tomorrow and it actually seems a little strange. I feel like it's been a long time coming but it's just always a little nerve-wracking to start something new. With the temp job I didn't feel like it was actual employment so I didn't ever get that nervous feeling. But, tomorrow is going to feel strange. A new job and new people to get to know. Not to mention, my boss called last week to let me know that tomorrow is the office Christmas lunch outing. So, I'm being thrown to the wolves on my very first day! Wish me luck! I'll let you know how it goes!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

'Tis the Season

I am officially in the Christmas spirit! I love that the radio stations are playing Christmas music and that everything is glowing with lights. I love that you can see Christmas trees in the windows of houses as you drive by. I have had a good time decorating the house and took pictures of everything! Each thing just makes such a difference in the overall feel of the house! I love how everything sparkles and is so festive. Plus, it's finally cold enough outside to feel like the holiday season. Now, if only it could snow a little. I would love to see a white Christmas! Well, let's clarify....on the grass but not on the roads seeing as we will probably be driving between home, Norcross and Fayetteville a lot again this holiday.